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Water Water Everywhere, But Nothing Left to Drink

Over the past decade, specialty drinks such as enhanced teas, exotic juices, flavored waters, “superfood,” probiotic and sports drinks, have become popular alternatives to traditional carbonated soft drinks.. Unfortunately, most of these new beverages are just as acidic; and thus, just as unsuitable online pharmacies uk amoxicillin for refluxers as their predecessors. This is not generic zithromax good news. So what can a refluxer lasix in georgia drink?

We hope that readers of Dropping Acid: The Reflux Diet Cookbook and Cure (and of this blog) already know that soft drinks (all carbonated beverages), bottled or not, are bad for reflux and most every other bottled thing is NOT okay either. It is the acid that is added to kill pathogenic bacteria and prolong shelf-life.

So, what can a refluxer drink? Our first advice is to read labels carefully and avoid the viagra online deals acids. If you’re going to control your reflux, you are going to have to learn to read labels and look out for ascorbic acid, acetic acid, citric acid, “vitamin C enhanced,” and “100% Vitamin C.”  These are all code words for VERY generic viagra online fast delivery ACIDIC!

How We Did the Testing (Materials & Methods): With hundreds of drink choices on the market, and seemingly more and more appearing every week, it is beyond our capacity to test the pH (acidity) of http://www.refluxcookbookblog.com/2016/04/18/sale-viagra/ every variety and every drink brand. What we did do is test the most available drinks with an eye towards beverages refluxers might azithromycin 500 mg tab possibly be able to drink. We did not test carbonated, caffeinated, or chocolate-flavored drinks, because we already know these beverages are bad for refluxers.


More than one cup a day of caffeinated beverages, like coffee, green and black teas are not okay on The Reflux Diet. Some herbal teas, like chamomile, are terrific. Beware of other herbal teas. Though many herbal teas are good, we found that herbal teas infused with a fruit flavor are extremely acidic (as low as pH 2.8). Anything infused with orange, raspberry, lemon, or other citric flavor should be a red flag. As for the variety of bottled teas on the market, refluxer stay away. None that we tested had an acceptable pH for The Reflux Diet.

Bottled Smoothies

We are big advocates of homemade, pH-balanced smoothies, but what about those bottled smoothies that are so easy to grab in the grocery store? Well, the answer is some are acceptable and some are not. As you can guess, anything with a citric-fruit base is bad. Of the rest, vanilla flavored, high-protein drinks seem to be best.

Slim-fast Vanilla and Slim-fast Strawberry N Crème are both great (pH 6.9 and pH 6.8 respectively), as is Odwalla’s Vanilla Monster Protein Drink (pH 5.8) while Naked’s Green Machine (pH 4) and Odwalla’s Superfood Juice (pH 3.9) might seem okay but are bad.

Specialty Waters

Specialty waters, in most cases, are vitamin enhanced and not okay because the vitamin enhancement adds acid. A few exceptions exist. We have found that all tested brands of coconut water with no acids added are above pH 4.7, for instance, and unflavored Pedialyte is pH 5.4 and therefore, acceptable. With specialty waters especially, check the labels and look out for acids. Specialty waters that seem innocent (Vitamin Water, pH 3.1 – 3.6; Hint Unsweetened Essence Water, pH 3.9) can be deceptively acidic.

Probiotic Drinks

Probiotic drinks, like kombucha and kefir, are too acidic. Always steer clear.  If you need probiotics, take the pills.

Bottled Juices

The rule with bottled juices is fruit juices are not okay and with vegetable juices you must be wary. A case in point is two carrot juices we tested. Odwalla Carrot Juice is all natural and pH 6.3; however, Ralph & Charlie’s Everyday Carrot Beverage was pH 3.9. Looking at the two bottles side by side, you would not notice a difference in appearance. Only when analyzing the label would you see that Ralph & Charlie’s Everyday Carrot Beverage is enhanced with acids and other preservatives and flavorings.


Brand Description pH
Slim-fast Low Carb Vanilla 6.9
Slim-fast Strawberry N Creme 6.8
Traditional Medicinals Herb Tea: Echinacea Plus 6.4
Odwalla Carrot juice 6.3
Twinings Pure Chamomile 6.2
Traditional Medicinals Herb Tea: Organic Breathe Easy 6
The Republic of Tea Rooibos 5.9
Odwalla Vanilla monster protein drink 5.8
Twinings China Oolong 5.8
Adagio Rooibos: Organic Vanilla 5.6
Traditional Medicinals Herb Tea: Organic Gypsy Cold 5.5
Pedialyte Unflavored 5.4
Traditional Medicinals Dandelion Root 5.3
Bigelow Constant Comment 5.2
VitaCoCo 100% Natural Coconut Water 5.2
Bigelow Toffee 5
Naked Plain 5
Naked 100% Natural Coconut Water 5
Naked Protein Zone 4.9
Odwalla Original Super Protein 4.8
Bigelow Apple Cider Tea 4.8
Zico 100% Natural Coconut Water 4.7

Click here for a complete list of beverages tested

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  1. Is it the Slim fast “low-carb” vanilla shake you are refering to or the “French Vanilla” shake? There is no “just” vanilla shake. I really want to try this since all I drink is water and milk at this point.

  2. Both the “low-carb” vanilla shake and the “French Vanilla” shake are pH 6.9.

  3. I dont see Licorice tea on that list (particulary Alvita brand and Licorice tea in general). There’s a lot of information online that Licorice tea can help acid reflux sufferers. Can you please confirm this? What’s the right amount of intake per day?

    Please advice thanks.

  4. Have you tested any of the gatorade drinks? The book lists just the Fruit Punch as bad for acid reflux. Are they all bad for acid reflux as well?

  5. For those of you who live in the pacific NW, I found a great carrot juice made by Columbia Gorge it is pure carrot juice (no acids) and its organic!

  6. Which of the drinks you tested are high in calories along with having a ph level over 5? I need added calories in my diet and would love to know which ones would be a good option.

    It seems like the Odwalla Vanilla Protein Monster is decent so far coming in at 290 calories.

  7. http://www.evamor.com/

    This is a local water with a low ph that comes directly from an aquifer and does not hit air until you open the bottle. I think you can order it off the web site to be shipped directly to your home. Check it out!

  8. What can I take for extra fiber instead of drinking the orange flavored Metamucil? Thanks for your response.

  9. Is there a way that I could test the pH of my favorite drinks at home? I live in a small town that doesn’t offer many of the items on your list. Also, I would like test the difference between a traditionally brewed cup of coffee and a “cold brewed” cup, which I’ve heard is much less acidic.

    I have never tried The Reflux Diet, this whole concept is new to me even though I’ve had GERD for over 10 years now, but I don’t know if I can give up coffee.

  10. I got an advice that natural Chinese Green Tea works for Acid Reflux ut after reading the post, I’m not quite sure if it works. Any ideas?

  11. What a great site! As someone new to LPR and likes to have a post workout, shake, have you ever rated the rtd protien shakes (muscle milk, myoplex, etc…)? My old favorite mix has way too much ascorbic acid in it so I know that wont work so any insight you can offer would be greatly appreciated.

  12. Thanks for the list! I drink mostly tulsi herbal tea, which is in the basil family. They have plain, herbal and fruity flavors. I guess that the fruity flavors are acidy, but do you have an idea about the herbal flavors like original, honey chamomile, licorice or jasmine? Thanks

  13. Hi, I almost forgot-I drink a green smoothie or green juice (both homemade) every morning. I tend to use leafy greens plus cucumber, celery, green or red apple and some lemon. Could you recommend other combinations? Thank

  14. One day into my diagnosis of LPR and making a shopping list! I read in my Dr’s handout from your book of best foods that apple juice is acceptable. My question: Is Apple Cider acceptable as well?

  15. Thank you for this list. I was diagnosed with GERD a few months ago and have been looking for something besides water to drink. I found Celestial Seasonings Gingerbread Tea. It is only in the stores during the holiday season so now would be the best time to look for it. Using pH test strips it seems to be about in the 6-7 range. I put a little agave in it.

    I really miss having a cup of hot chocolate – any idea if dutch processed cocoa powder can be used or is all forms of chocolate off limits?

    Thank you.

  16. I think this is very important….Both the slim fast vanilla and strawberries and creme rtd shakes have citric acid in them. In the book you advise to steer clear of any products with this ingredient. What gives?

  17. How about alkaline water at 9.5pH? I drink it for my heartburn and it seems to be helping with immediate relief. I would imagine the mechanism is the same as with any other non-acidic juice or food but I am wondering if Dr. Koufman has a particular view on this. Thank you.

  18. How about substitute coffees? I’m recently diagnosed with this disease and switched to INKA, an instant drink of ground barley and rye, it’s close enought to coffee to be satisying.

  19. Unfortunately, chocolate should really be avoided in all forms.

  20. Yes, the Odwalla Vanilla Protein Monster is a good option, as is Naked’s Protein Zone. Slim-fast also has two drinks that have a pH above 6: Strawberry N Cream and Low Carb Vanilla.

  21. How about Anise seeds tea? It’s commonly used in some places in Latin America as a digestive tea. Could you check the pH levels of if and if it makes it a safe drink? There is another herb also used in Latin America called “Baccharis articulata” (that’s its scientific name) commonly known as Jaguar’s Herb. It’s commonly also used for digestive ailments, which makes it interesting to see the PH level of such an herb when drank as an infusion or tea. Thanks, and I look forward to more information.

  22. Anise is fine both as a tea and as a seasoning. As for Baccharis articulata, we haven’t tested it yet!

  23. Licorice is great for people with reflux, so enjoy it as much as you like! As for curative properties, we haven’t seen enough evidence.

  24. One can purchase pH paper at a pharmacy and test your drinks with that.

  25. Thanks for such an informative site and excellent book. You mention coffee (caffeinated), budrt what are your guidelines on decaf?

  26. I really enjoy my wine, but the cookbook says stay away. I am a silent reflux patient (I think) — at least my ent says I do since all other atempts to stop my cough and hoarseness failed. What do you recommend is acceptable drink before dinner and with dinner?

  27. I have been diagnosed with both chronic sinusitis and GERD and recently had the sinus DNC of which the relief lasted only a couple of months. I have severe esophogeal erosion. I have cut out so many of my normal foods,I don’t have any pleasure in food and drink anymore. I drink a lot of herbal teas.Can you tell me which of the Celestial Seasons teas beside the Gingerbread,mentioned above may be acceptable?I cough up crap all the time and it is extremely embarrassing and I have heard it causes addition esophogeal damage. Any help you can give will be deeply appreciated. Thanks.

  28. The greatest service you could do for the reflux sufferers is to inform us how to test PH levels at home. Remember chemistry class with the PH strips? Is there any reason why testing teas, soups, (actually, just about anything that could be blended up) with a PH strip wouldn’t work for us at home? We could carry strips out to eat and test soups etc off the menu! Life would suddenly open up for us. I am surprised to not find any advise on this from your group. It seems so simple. Where does one find PH strips outside of a high school chem lab?

  29. Hi! I’m just starting the induction diet and one of the things I’m finding challenging is a complete absence of condiments and spreads. I know that butter, shortening, margarine, etc. are out. What about smart balance? It’s made from a blend of oils (palm fruit, soybean, canola, and olive). Beyond that, water, salt, crushed soy beans, soy lecithin and, as the last and therefore smallest, ingredient, lactic acid.

    If not, any other suggestions? Thanks!

  30. I had cut back to water, camomile tea, ginger tea, and occasionally milk. These were the only drinks that I had for about 6 months. I have recently discovered that Bolthouse Farms smoothies seem to be an alternative option for me. They are gluten free, no preservatives… etc. I really enjoy the flavor, but I am still cautious about the types of smoothies to drink. So far the Strawberry Banana and the Mango are my “go to” drinks. I like that they are a little more filling. Maybe someone else will find these options tolerable. I’ve also switched to Bolthouse yogurt dressing on my salad. Delicious.

  31. We know the very low-fat aspect of the Induction diet is a challenge, but it’s really best to stick it out with just the “best foods” list for the first two weeks. Once you reach the Maintenance phase, butter and margarine are fine in moderation.

  32. Chamomile and rooibos teas are also good options for people with reflux.

  33. Once you are in the Maintenance phase, one drink with dinner (but not on an empty stomach) is acceptable. White wine and beer are particularly bad, because they are acidic. Some of patients find that one glass of red wine in OK. Hard alcohol like vodka and whiskey is actually not acidic, but then most mixers are. If there’s something you can enjoy on the rock a twist of lemon, that’s probably your best option. But remember, more than one alcoholic drink will cause reflux by relaxing the esophageal sphincter to relax.

  34. Decaf coffee is still acidic, so we have the same recommendation as regular coffee–one cup per day with some food.

  35. All Gatorade products are bad for reflux because they contain added acid.

  36. Fiber supplements shouldn’t be a problem for most people with reflux, just as long as the powder doesn’t contain added acids. Check the label to be sure!

  37. It sounds like this would a fine coffee substitute, but it’s probably still wise to use some moderation.

  38. We use an electronic pH to do our testing, which are available on Amazon if you are interested in doing your own testing at home.

  39. I really enjoy chai tea and also orange pekoe/black tea blend. I drink the latter cold. Any ideas what they’re pH # might be ? These are my favorites but I’m staying away from them till I find out they’re pH#. I’ve recently been diagnosed with Barrett disease and I’m following your low acid diet. I’ve already completed my two week induction diet. I’m terrified to drink or eat anything below a 5 pH. I’ve also been told I should avoid anything with glucose. Is this true ?

  40. I have a sliding hiatial hernia with GERD and have been on Nexium for 8 months. I picked up your book love it!!!; and am starting my 2 week induction diet.
    Water is pretty much my only beverage, along with a cup of Chamomille tea in the evenings. I’m looking for a dietary supplement, and am wondering if you think ENSURE (liquid meal replacement/supplement) would be a good choice?
    It is packed with minerals and vitamins, along with extra protein.

  41. I have used almond milk as a substitute for dairy milk. I can’t find the Ph of almond milk listed…is it okay on this diet?

  42. Hmm..doesn’t look like anyone monitors this website anymore, last reply on here was in 2012

  43. Yes, very unfortunate no one responds anymore. I called her office and they want $2,400 for one visit!!!

    I would like to know if adding lemons to regular bottled water (ie. Poland Spring, Nestle Pure Life, Nirvana) will it make it alkaline and ok to drink?

    I know lemons are acidic, but I read so much that Lemons turn into alkaline once in the body… So why are Lemons on the bad list??

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  45. Constant Comment kills my throat. Can’t believe it’s on this list. Be warned!

  46. I think there are two issues – one is foods that cause reflux. The other is foods that irritate your throat once reflux has weakened it. If you have a compromised throat like I do, there’s very little you can drink in the way of tea. Any lemon or orange additives are particularly bad. Eating a few pieces of pineapples can “strip” my throat to the point of risking getting a cold from germs setting in. It’s happened time and time again with acidic and spicy foods. Even honey mustard.

  47. For either the induction or maintenance diets: have you tested Juice Plus?

    What about Juice Vanilla Complete protein shake?

    I called Juice Plus. A nutuitionist told me none of their products have caffeine even the Dutch Chocolate Complete protein shake which lists cocoa an an ingredient?

    What about Juice Plus fruit and vegetable capsules? Tomato is listed as an ingredient for the vegetable ones.

  48. You make no mention of alkaline water. My ENT doctor has prescribed Evamor Alkaline water which has a ph over 8.0. I’m to drink 1 glass with each meal and 1 glass before bedtime. What is your opinion as to whether this will help my acid reflux. I’ve been diagnosed with LPR.

  49. What is the pH of unsweetened almond milk?

  50. Have you tried this Guyabano? Elixir Guyabano health drink is good to the body it has rich in vitamins and minerals, for more info vist our website at http://www.flowdragon.net/

  51. My partner was diagnosed with acid reflux a while back and is finding it hard to adjust, I hope some of your alternatives might help in the drinks department.

    Thank you for this and everything else on your blog!

  52. I read that alkaline water kills pepsin molecules and that is the best beverage you can have. But I’d like to address a point made earlier: Our LPR problem is two-fold: 1) we need to avoid GERD causing foods like chocolate, citrus foods, etc because these give rise to acid being refluxed into our throats, and 2) once we have LPR–I’ve had mine for years and didn’t know what it was until recently–our throat and voice box are damaged and so we must restrict any acidic foods for a long time to get our tissues to heal–even foods that wouldn’t necessarily give rise to GERD. Its pretty tricky.

  53. I have just bought the book …very impressed …and am wanting to get started on the induction diet asap. Meds haven’t done anything for me so far (apart from some nasty side effects so I stopped taking them) …but just recently I have been given some new meds to trial (Ranitidine, and Motilium [aka Domperidone] to push food along). Am mostly on a liquid diet anyway.
    Previously I have just had a list of acid/alkaline foods, so the info on levels, in this book is really good :)

    The question is: Once started on the Induction Diet am I supposed to stop taking all my (new) meds? Or do I do both?

    What have other people done?

    I hope someone out there can advise …please!!!!

  54. I’ve recently purchased the book – thank you so very much. I did start on the maintenance (symptoms not severe enough) and have been on it for about a month with great results. I now have iron-deficiency anemia. My dr told me to take supplements in an ‘acidic environment’ suggesting a glass of OJ. He tells me the iron absorbs better. Suggestions?

  55. @ Ann, my chart of food lists almonds as more alkaline, so I would think almond milk is OK as long as other acids haven’t been added to it. I used our pH test strips we got at the health food store on Silk Unsweetened Vanilla Almond milk and it came in at 6.5, so it’s fine (tho I hate drinking unknown “natural flavors”. Unfortunately my chart also says that goat milk is more alkaline than acidic but I just tested the Goat Milk Kefir I love and it came in at 4.5 so that’s very borderline right now while I’m on the induction diet.

    @ Dan, lemons alkalinize the body after they have been metabolized, so I’ve had to give them up for now because they irritate my throat on the way down and don’t help the pH of my stomach. I hope I can have my spritz of lemon or lime juice back to my water in a few weeks. I thought my typical refreshment of that in some mineral water was so healthy!

    My food chart lists black tea as very acidic. I was drinking a lot of homemade chai tea with honey last fall just before I got pneumonia and then this funny cough that never went away despite the xray being clear. Argh, the Bible says moderation in everything, and I’ve learned how true that is. Even binging on “healthy” things has not been good for me if they are acidic in pH. In my case I believe candida is a suspect too. I’m fighting on all sides right now and spending a lot more time figuring out what to eat than I used to. My garden is full of berries, tomatoes and citrus right now that I can’t have at all! Fortunately it also has lots of chard, kale, artichokes, figs and squash too.

  56. Question regarding alkaline water. Do u recommend an ionizer added to the tap? Or is it possible to add bicarbonate of soda to get desired ph level?The brand of alkaline water u recommended is not available where I live (Israel). … At least I haven’t been able to find it!! Thanks!!

  57. I would like to know if horlicks is an acceptable beverage. I’m guessing that Milo is not due to the cocoa. Also, are yoghurts with acid regulators ok for consumption? Thanks

  58. I’ve enjoyed reading the posts and was considering purchasing/recommending the book, but it does not seem like this discussion group is supported any more. I like the idea of the authors supporting their book with this group. As a former chef I believe cooking is a dynamic process and like to continuously exchange ideas with people…like this list used to be. Are there more active groups (possibly supporting books) that you people can recommend? Perhaps a FB group?

  59. It would be great to have a comprehensive list of food and drink ph. I have both books and was disappointed to see how short the list is in dropping acid. If any of the authors are reading this please consider printing a list that most of us would be willing to purchase. Both books are very helpful but we need that list!

  60. I would like to know if Almond Milk and Coconut Oil are both okay to use.

  61. I forgot to ask if Almond flour is okay?

  62. Hi great website! Just wanted to know if water with ph8.22 is okay? I use Saka which you can get in the UK

    And how often should we be drinking it?

  63. I have just been diagnosed with Gerd. And I need some alternatives as to what I can drink I used to be a coffee drinker now I enjoy my tea. Green Rooibos what am I allowed to drink. Help

  64. It is very easy to find the PH on almond milk or
    any thing else on the internet. Do a search.

  65. Is plain nonfat greek yogurt ok on the 2 week diet ? and is red wine ok on the maintenance diet ?

  66. Hi, I have just been diagnosed with silent reflux. I have been getting nowhere with what is safe to drink. All I see is water, camomile tea, but I can’t see myself just drinking those two things. Could someone give me a list of safe drinks. Also wondering if pear juice is safe? Any help would be greatly appreciated. I’m feeling very overwhelmed.